Macee + Jonathan | Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Elopement, Wedding

Macee and Jonathan reached out to me with the idea that they wanted to elope, just the two of them, in Denver, Colorado, in The Rocky Mountain National Park. Of course, I immediately said, “HECK YEAH!”.

They exchanged handwritten vows in front of Sprague Lake with a beautiful, stunning backdrop— The Rocky Mountains. I cried behind my camera as they referenced the show ‘Friends’ several times, especially when Macee told Jonathan that he was her lobster. If you’re a ‘Friends’ fan, you know what I’m talking about.

It was November in Colorado, so you can only imagine how cold it was. Even Sprague Lake was frozen over. But! These two were champs, especially Macee with her sleeveless dress. They embraced the snow and did it with such grace. I am so honored that I got to witness such a beautiful ceremony. The love these two share is indescribable, so I’ll let you see what I’m talking about when I say this was the sweetest, most intimate, private elopement I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.